If you've hit the beach or the  stage anywhere in the Tampa Bay area  chances are I'm the one who probably got the shot!. I'm a Portrait, Wedding, and Band Photographer and that's my job! Whether I'm working your portrait session, wedding,  gig, benefit, rehearsal, or creating your album cover,  I'm the girl that will capture your essence, beauty, movement, and drama! Give me a try and you'll love what I can do create beautiful memories or to boost your following!  


Tampa Bay Area - Florida

I've been shooting portraits, weddings, and bands for several years.  Capturing the intimate moments with attention to detail and angle.  From color to monochrome, I capture the moment, or the artist in beautiful light, or scarce light.  If you like what you see... give me a call or visit the hire me page for an easy form submission.  727.288.8353

‚ÄčWendy Hotaling

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